Wednesday, April 24th at 12:00pm. featuring Meg McCrummen

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Meg McCrummen Fowler, new director of the History Museum of Mobile, will give a special

Learning Lunch lecture entitled “Notre Dame: Destruction, Renovation, and the Symbol of a

People," on Wednesday, April 24 at 12pm. Ms. Fowler will discuss the Gothic era of cathedral

building, the history of destruction, vandalism and restoration at Notre Dame de Paris, and how

Notre Dame became the beloved symbol it is today.

“Monday’s tragic fire has prompted questions about the history and condition of Notre Dame,”

said Fowler. “Mobile’s story has long been connected to Paris’ story, and this is an opportunity

to probe the tumultuous history of one of the world’s most iconic sites.”

Ms. Fowler, who is a doctoral candidate completing a PhD in Art History & Society at Tulane

University, has written on the nineteenth century's understanding of Gothic cathedrals, including

Notre Dame, as part of her doctoral research. Ms. Fowler holds an M.A in History of Art from

Tulane and in 2018 completed a curatorial fellowship at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

LEARNING LUNCHES: The History Museum of Mobile invites the general public to attend the

free Learning Lunch lecture series. Guests are encouraged to bring their lunches and enjoy a

presentation about a cultural or historical topic. For more information on Learning Lunch,

contact Jennifer Theeck, Curator of Education, at (251) 301-0270 or by email at

HISTORY MUSEUM OF MOBILE: Located in the Old City Hall/ Southern Market at 111

South Royal Street in downtown Mobile, the History Museum of Mobile documents the 300-year

story of Mobile and the surrounding region and houses over 100,000 artifacts in its collection.

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