Both ladies have been artists all their lives. They spend time in the field studying and photographing their subjects before ever picking up a paintbrush. Their work in Our Southern Past emanates the beauty, energy, and emotion of the natural world as well as the people and animals that inhabit it.

Ainsley, a student of the works of the old masters and the great artists of the 1800's, uses oils of a Victorian color palette, giving them a distinctive feel compared to the contemporary colors used by other artists. Her pastels are done on a handmade paper with a unique almost leather-like appearance, giving them antique flavor. Her award-winning work has been featured on the cover of Alabama Wildlife Magazine in 2012. She also designed the 2001-2002 Alabama Duck Stamp. Recently, after realizing how many people knew little of the history of the South or the many tribes who live there, Ainsley embarked on an ongoing project of painting scenes of the everyday people of our southern past

Carmel enjoys photography as much as creating new works through oils and acrylics. Portraying the beautiful Gulf Coast along with painting portraits of people and pets are some of her favorite subjects. Her recent works depict her love of recreating Southern history. Carmel has been a member of the Watercolor and Graphic Society on the Mobile Art Association.

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