This section is an ongoing database of historical information about Mobile and Baldwin Counties compiled by the office of the History Museum of Mobile’s Research Historian, Mr. Charles Torrey. Currently, we have the World War I and World War II casualty list for Mobile and Baldwin Counties available.
Please check back here frequently to view new records that will be added to this link. All files are PDF files.

WWI Casualty List - A - Sch
WWI Casualty List - Sch - W (Casualty Chronology p. 12-15, Statistics p. 16, Sources p. 17)


WWII Casualty List - A - Bev
WWII Casualty List - Big - Dennis
WWII Casualty List - Dev - Hendry
WWII Casualty List - Hent - K
WWII Casualty List - L - McNeil
WWII Casualty List - McVay - Rig
WWII Casualty List - Ris - Thompson, A.
WWII Casualty List - Thompson, H. - Y (Glossary of Acronyms p. 13-14, Sources p. 14-15, WWII Wounded p. 15-16 (A - Andrews))
WWII Wounded List - Armstrong - Hollick
WWII Wounded List - Hopkins - W


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