Outreach Programs

We know that class field trips have become unaffordable for many schools. That’s the reason we have created our Hands-on History Outreach Program. We can’t bring you the museum, but we can bring history based make-and-take activities to you. Each activity supports content standards of both the Social Studies and Visual Arts curriculums.

How the Outreach Program works

  1. Select one of the five outreach activities listed below.
  2. Call (251) 301-0270 to schedule your outreach program.
  3. We bring the necessary supplies to your classroom and conduct the activity.

Outreach Activities

Quilt Squares

Students learn about the designs, symbolism, and historical significance of quilts as they follow directions to create their own quilt square.

Quill Pens

Students will learn about the history of writing as they make their own quill pen and then put it to the test. 

Trade Beads

Students learn about the history of trade beads and their significance in the colonization of the New World and then make their own trade bead bracelet.

Marbled Paper Activity

Students will learn the history and the secrets of the ancient art of paper marbling and then use authentic methods to make their own marbled paper. 

Native Americans: The First Mobilians

Students will learn about the types of pottery made by the Native Americans, the first people to live in the Mobile Bay area. They will follow directions to make their own pottery using the same techniques as the Native Americans.