Comic Books: Lessons In Ink

October 1, 2017 – October 31, 2017
Explore comic books and historic looks at the History Museum of Mobile! At Comic Books: Lessons in Ink, comic heroes will crackle off the page in an exhibit designed to educate about the history of panel and speech-bubble storytelling. The History Museum of Mobile will showcase a series of comics and graphic novels that encompasses several eras of comic book history. Featuring the familiar faces of superheroes, as well as more pop culture cartoons, the form of a comic strip has gone through many stages of evolution and reinvention.
Discover the process of the comic book artist, the establishment, revising and elimination of the comics code and the rebirth of the Comic book industry. Founded in 1954, the Comics Magazine Association of America, Inc. was formed as an alternative to government regulation to allow the comic publishers to self-regulate the content of comic books in the United States. Its code, commonly called "the Comics Code," lasted until the early 21st century and was created in response to a widespread public concern over inappropriate comic-book content. 

On display will be pre-published original sketches of The Amazing Spider- Man, Guardian of the Galaxy, Deadpool, Wolverine, Batman, the Justice League and much more! Comic Books: Lessons in Ink will open October 1, 2017 and close on October 31, 2017. Do not miss your chance to view this very special and limited-time exhibition.  For more information regarding Comic Books: Lessons in Ink, contact our Marketing and Event Coordinator, Gavin Snyder at 251-301-0273 or