Faces of Africa

The History Museum of Mobile is proud to announce its upcoming exhibit titled, Faces of Africa: a Mystical View of Tribal Heritage beginning Friday, February 10th and ending Monday, July 31st. Faces of Africa is an exhibit on loan from the International Museum Institute of New York. Faithfully recreated by award-winning artist Richard W. Jones (1934-2008), this critically acclaimed collection of authentic reproductions of ancient masks, murals, and sculptures celebrates 3,500 years of African tribal art and traditions. From ancient Nok heads to the spectacular masks of Dogon dances and contemporary South African murals, the popular Faces of Africa is an intimate and mystical view of the tribal heritage.

For questions regarding Faces of Africa, contact Curator of Collections Lori McDuffie at rockholdl@historymuseumofmobile.com or by phone at (251) 208-7508.